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These are some of the cars we have in the club, Enjoy!!


This is daves late cal looker. He has built all this bug himself including the 1641cc engine now out back. The car is very low.


Big Al :) - RUTH

1970 (1500) - 1776cc & 1200GB - modified to just look a little different!!??

My daily hack. I have replaced just about all the bodywork, has a new lowered front beam (not a nice job!!), 1 splines down at the back, the wheels from the car you can see above and a respray in Audi Denim Blue (metalic). For further details see the webpage above.

Pillocks Fasty

This has been Chris's dub since selling his 1303. Its all original though Chris has big plans for it in the future.

Andy - 1968 UK Cal -looker.

1600CC, chromed engine, no trim, lowered with sway aways, and a couple of splines at the back. Runs on Empi 8 replicas and KYB's all round. Is currently in the garage for a rebuild after it was run into by another driver.

Porche Inspired Ghia

Has an 1835cc out back with a Lamborgini???? carb!!, lowered beam with Porsche wheels. One piece cal look tinted glass. Front spoiler looks wicked!!. Rear lights are frenched and bullet styled. The rest of the car has been smoothed and all trim removed.

Mark - 1972 UK Cal-looker.

Extremely low all round using lowered front beam and 2 (3?) spline drop at the rear. Has pre-67 panels all round, US spec sloping headlights, and bad boy misted blue dots at the back (I have seen them in the dark, the look very illigal but VERY cool). All 1 piece windows and running on replica Empi 8's. This car is FOR SALE, please mail the club address for details.

Jezz's Black 1303 Cabrio

Nicola - 1973 1303 (1600cc)

This is Nicola's 1303. Has had a slight lowering job all round, GTI interior, Cadbury purple paintwork, clear front indicators with smoked elephants feet at the back and wide steelies. Though its not an '03(s) it has a 1600 engine in the back. This car drives like a dream, is comfy but goes round corners great.

Future mods to include a disk brake setup at the front and to fix that damd leaky oil cooler!!

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